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Friday, April 12, 2013

10 reasons why men are afraid of beautiful Russian women, who are over 30.

Russian women

1. Fear of failure. The man does not fit into a beautiful Russian girl, because she is afraid of failure on her part, and the refusal of the stronger sex - is downplaying his self-esteem, low blow.

2. Man thinks that he does not like "doll" because it should have a lot of fans among them, and he will not be the best.

3. The man is almost certain that such a Russian woman has a boyfriend or a husband, and not even try to approach her with an offer to meet you.

4. He does not want to start dating for fear of falling in love with a beautiful woman, sure in advance that this love will not do him good.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to get acquainted with Russian girl

It is well known how difficult it is to "catch" your favorite Russian girl. However, with the tenacity of a rhinoceros, now let's try to figure out how to do it. Dating chat about them we will tell later.
It would be nice to dress up first, and put himself in order. It turns  pants, unpleasant aroma of stale socks and Fume prefer not many Russian girls.
Because first of all try to take a shower and using cologne (if it still is not drunk or domestic counterparts). Please note that the gentleman in a well ironed clothes from the "Armani" or, in extreme cases, "Versace" makes a good impression on women. And remember that nothing in the appearance of the men are not nervous woman as lack of money.
Let's move on. Give your face an expression of his own perfect confidence and approach slowly. It should be noted that confidence in the specific sense of the word is the same semolina, which, ultimately, Towns and peck pretty women. As we have said, a woman in a man, often unconsciously, wanted above all miners and the Defender.
In an interview just see her eyes, but not on the chest and under no circumstances will the other women. Smile. After introductions, ask her name, and try to remember it. It is extremely important in the future, as soon as you can often call her by name.
Now, after a successful dating service you can confidently walk into a bar (restaurant, cafe, in a word - the place of meeting face to face). And if you're there find themselves without getting drunk themselves, and try to quietly drink stranger.
If, by coincidence, the Russian girl was not drink, try again, look around, you might like someone else ...
Well, in the end, the dialogue itself. To keep the conversation ask more questions as possible and pretend that you are interested in the answers. Russian woman is obliged to think that you are actually curious to hear it and possibly prevent her personal chatter to solve your real intentions. And yourself for the most part silent. And in case if you really talk, then watch out for use in the same sentence more than three obscene phrases, it can give your concern ...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Your Russian girl or Russian wife denied for sex?

Imagine your dear comes home from work at night, and you want a hot and passionate sex. When you offer your partner make love, she says, "Not tonight dear. I'm tired. " Russian Women - mysterious creatures, is not it? Not surprisingly, most men do not understand them. Let's ponder the question: why your Russian girl or wife denied for sex?

If you are refused a favorite today, not the fact that your second half cool and you stopped loving you. It is possible that she really was tired. But agree, in general, it would be logical if you think about something bad. And then what? And then, being at a loss (they are also misconceptions) are family quarrels. Lack of sex (for men) will necessarily lead to a scandal, therefore, are frequent conflicts may lead to changes in women (hey it's just tired, I wanted warmth and understanding (author's note)). But in the relations of men and Russian women have no place negativity, all the above points are not only minuemomu and heavy breaking.
In my head there is not the right questions and complexes that you begin to ship. Calm down, relax - do not worry, most likely, all much easier. As the saying goes: "do not make mountains out of molehills!"
Maybe you just need to talk with your partner? To reconsider its attitude to sexuality in general? Be easier, more fun, and failures of your girls not to take to heart? (However, there is a limit (note the author)). This article reveals the man's delusions, which may destroy the sexual life of even a very confident man.
And so it went!
There is a "right" and "wrong" ways to have sex.
The human body does not function according to instructions. Even if you have specific techniques that make the Russian woman in a wild cat in bed, it does not mean the same things and work with another woman. Most men think that there is only one way of having sex - foreplay, intercourse, ejaculation. The first few times she will get pleasure from your actions, but after a while it just becomes boring. The best lover, someone who knows a lot about diversity.
This understanding is important. For various reasons, couples feel uncomfortable talking openly about what happens in bed. Conventionally it is believed that Russian women must not be too critical, and that the proposals of this nature can hurt male pride. However, such observations are made not to condemn. You do not know how to read minds, she also should not think that you always will know what Russian women want from men. So encourage open dialogue, even if it takes place directly during sexual intercourse. If she tells you exactly what she wants, do not take this as a criticism of your ability. She's just trying to make sure that you understand how to please her.
There is no proven theory asserts that sex should occur in a particular sequence, and that sex can be considered as only the act of copulation. The moment of intimacy is also a sex for her. Touching, kissing and fondling - all part of sex. No need to turn your penis into a key factor in the process.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why do American men love Russian women?

Why do American men love Russian women? Well, it's just because they think that all the Russian girls are sluts and they will do and obey whatever they want. The U.S. men also believe that all the Russian girls will do anything for money, or to become a U.S. citizen. The question is, why they have all formed the image of Russian women. This is because Russian women are just whores, or it may be because the ones we see here in America, and they give all the  a bad reputation. I spent most of my teenage years and adult life here in America. I've got a lot of American friends with whom we have spoken about this many times. It all comes down to the simple fact that the girls from the former Soviet Union, whom I met here really behave like real whores in accordance with U.S. standards. They behave like women who are hungry for money, with low standards. Sad but true .... I would like to hear your opinion ...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

russian girls for sale

- Maybe yes, maybe no - Raul behavior  of the tube and forces out of the booth. Then he got into his car and hurried to the office. Diego Ramirez was busy removing a large packet of sandwiches.- This is very handy, - said Raul. Russian women took two sandwiches and sat in a chair in front of father in law. He sighed and glanced at Lucia.- Prepare a few more pieces, and offer coffee, - he said it. Hernandez eagerly eats sandwiches. Having dealt with them, he  looked longingly at the rest, but quickly shut them Diego hand. Lucia has made sandwiches and brought a pot of coffee. Raul began to eat with your mouth full asked Lombardo ~ This is really insane?- There is no doubt - said Ramirez. - Two years ago he was in a car accident and since then he has not all there. Hernandez took the coffee and, after swallowing the last piece of sandwich and told about all the adventures for the past day. Ramirez has stopped and listened to his eyes russian women.- It seems crazy that this is really killed the girl - said Raul. - Lighter in the house, and then - a jacket covered with blood. That surprised Moreno ...- As for the car, then it seems to me very strange, - said Diego, taking a regular sandwich. - Who was the lady who picked up the car? Is Serveso?- I do not think, but it must be checked. I believe that a woman stole her purse and took advantage of her driver's license to rent a car. But why? And in this car was a jacket Lombardo? From what we have now in hand, we can get much more than a million pesos from Rosalia Velazquez.- We must not lose time, - said Lucia Moreno admits of no delay. Raul now have to go to the police department and report that he found a lighter and a jacket.- I've been wanting to do this - Hernandez said, irritably. - But your father was a cunning against it. - Russian women looked at his wife's father. - What are you, yourself want to go to the police department? What are you picks?

russian pretty girls

In the glove compartment was russian women  bag of crocodile skin. Raul took it and looked inside. There were the usual toiletries, which are found in her purse for any woman, and amateur rights under the number 559708, issued in the name of Anna Serveso. More than anything in the car was not there. Coming out of "Lincoln," Hernandez walked her around, looking carefully. No damage to the car was not there. Then, suddenly deciding, he took his jacket from the back seat and the bag, got into his car and drove away. Arriving in the city, he first called the office to hire cars in Veracruz.- Yes, - said something disgruntled voice.- You rent a rented white and blue "Lincoln"? - Hernandez asked, immediately going to work.- Yes, but we do not know where he disappeared. Do you know anything about him?- Russian women stands in the forest, a 35 mile coastal highway. Hurry to pick up the car, since it is there for a long time, and apparently abandoned.- What is your name? Who's with me talking about?- It's me, by virtue of their profession, used to ask whenever matters - he smiled, baring his yellow teeth. - So if you want to get my car back, now you know where it is. The detective left the booth. Going to the pharmacy, he climbed into the stuffy phone booth and found a number of Anne Serveso. By dialing the numbers, he said, waiting for connections, looked at his watch: it was half past nine. Finally, in the tube and snapped a woman's voice:- Yes, sir?- Senorita Serveso russian women?- Yes.- You are the owner of the rights number 559,708?- No. I do not remember exactly, but I lost the rights. You find them?- How do you lose them?- I stole them, along with a bag.- You have a theft?- Of course. A few days ago I said to the police.- Have you taken recently, rent a car?- No. And who says to me? You are the police?

russian amazon women

Hernandez, sweating in close telephone booth, swore softly to himself:- A lighter, I must give Moreno?- Oh, my God, are you russian women break my heart? The detective sat back in the car, lit a cigar and began to ponder the words Diego. Sending it to look, he mentioned the extraordinary ability to look for clues-in-law, which no other man could not be found. This ability has been developed in it, like a sixth sense. Russian women is often able to unravel the complex case, when an inner voice told him just where to find the right fingerprint. Raul smoking, sitting in the car, and his snout like a weasel face was completely relaxed. The hat pulled down over his eyes. A few minutes later, he gently corrected her, turned on the engine and quickly went from "Park Motel. "Before the motel Raul turned in the direction of the Northern Coastal Highway, separated from the motel for 50 miles. On the highway, he drove slowly, at a speed of 30 miles per hour, and carefully looking over the neighborhood. He paid attention to anything that could make a difference. Approaching twilight. Now he was about three miles from the place where they found Lombardo. Hernandez scoured every even sidetrack, road, and found nothing, drove on the highway. Suddenly he pricked up his ears. To his right on the sand there were tire tracks that led into the thick woods. Detectives do not hesitate to sent the car on these tracks, whistling softly to himself. He came an overwhelming sense that here russian women is sure to find something important. For a while he was riding through the woods and suddenly found himself in a bright meadow. There he saw a blue and white "Ford-Lincoln. "All around was not a soul. Detective slowed down, got out and walked over to the "Lincoln." He carefully inspected the car, walked her around, then pulled out a glove made of pig skin and put them on. Opening the car door, he sat behind the wheel. The plate on the steering column showed that the car belongs to the rental office in Veracruz. He attention relatively quickly and looked inside the car. In the back seat has attracted the attention of Hernandez jacket thrown carelessly, as if in a hurry.